Sunday, January 13, 2013

What about the next generation?

Oftentimes, when my mind wanders to subjects of self-development,  I think of how to best raise the next generation.
I want to teach my (future) kids to become well-rounded people. To be able to attain that goal, I first need to develop myself to be able to provide (copiously) for them. And before I can pretend to teach them anything I have to do "practice what I preach."

I can, of course make a succession of movies they can watch, or tell them to meditate with me. And above all: Give the best example a father can possibly give. I can create an environment for them, conducive to learn to be creative. Before all of that can happen, I first need to have money to fund these dreams, because in this current system it's a necessity (unless free technology will help us out.)

Along with money, I want to have good, tailored information at their disposal. In the form of books but also in the form of training(?). You go the direction of the information you take in.

Information alone isn't wisdom, it's the way it's applied. Not only that, it's acquired through experience, introspection and meditation.

So.. Where can I start?
- Meditate daily
- Focus on creating wealth
- Keep my goals fresh and alive.

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