Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How it all started; My path to self-improvement

Have you ever read Self-Improvement books?

If you're reading this, you probably have, but many people I know haven't. I used to despise the ignorance, of people who aren't even aware that they're alive.

They seem to move with the push and pull of their desires, unaware and unconscious of the inner chatter of their minds. The unwillingness to improve and be your best self, dream and strive... is so alien to me.

It all began with a book on developing Self-Discipline called Self-Discipline in 10 days. In order to make sure I'd read it all, I printed it out but ironically I didn't finish it in 10 consecutive days, nor in 20 for that matter.
The main thing I achieved with it was becoming more aware of myself and my thoughts and actions. It was the start for a long period of about 3 years in which I devoured many self-development books.

It made me feel good about myself and it gave me the idea that I could change myself for the better, in a way becoming superhuman and rising above the human tendencies and habits that made up my life.
Most of the books gave me a short-lived boost and enthusiasm. Nevertheless the real change that was going to change my life forever always seemed around the corner.

I have read numerous books on productivity, working out, nutrition, zen, sex, and i've watched and listened to many tapes and video's, so many even that I am becoming a pro on the subject. I might even consider starting to teach myself!

That being said, I am far from being an exemplary person as of yet. I want to embody wat I teach and teach only what I embody (completely) (paraphrased from Way of the Peaceful Warrior, which I just finished) Right now, especially after having read Way of the Peaceful Warrior, I feel like having a mentor to inspire me and help me reach my goals.

I've always been quite happy so that was never really an issue.
I believe, although self-improvement books are not the solution per se, that they give that sense of growth and investment in yourself.

It points in the right direction but if you don't take steps in that direction the only thing you will have done is read a signpost.

Books I can recommend:

- Way of the Peaceful Warrior - Dan Millman
- The 4h body - Tim Ferris
- Do the work - Steven Pressfield
- The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle
- Zen and the art of Happiness

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