Sunday, February 3, 2013

Share the good stuff

You're probably wondering what my blog is all about. From now on it's going to be about you and me. Not just me anymore. I'll offer information that is helpful for you and hopefully - enjoyable to read.

First off I'd like to cite some websites from which I draw my ideas:

- High Existence (by Jordan Lejuwaan)
- The Feel-Good Lifestyle (by Phil Drolet)

I just recently discovered:
Scot H Young
Steve Pavlina
Inner Gladiator (by Max Nachamkin) (by Mark Manson)
Kyle Cease's 'Transformational' Blog
Find your Greatness Daily - Jack Peterson

These websites are chock-full of incredibly interesting and life-changing information and articles that'll blow your mind.

Choose Greatness!

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